After witnessing an endless parade of all things rOtring from Mike Dudek at clickypost I began scanning my own horizon for a rOtring. With relative ease I discovered the rOtring Newton Fountain Pen. It is no longer in production but was easy to discover on ebay and at ipenstore.

Rotring Newton.JPG
Rotring Cap.JPG

The pen I purchased was part of a bulk purchase of new old merchandise so I didn't receive the pen in a rOtring packaging.  Out of the envelope I was impressed with the weight of the pen. From what I can discern the main barrel and cap are metal with the grip being black plastic.  The hexagonal barrel in matte silver is nice to look at especially contrasted with the silvered end pieces at both ends when capped. The rOtring red ring is present on the cap.

In the hand the pen is perfectly weighted un-posted. Posted it feels like it is pulling away from the page as I write. In general I prefer to write with my pens un-posted so my opinion on the weight may be biased.

Out of the box the pen came with a small international blue refill which I used immediately. This is the point in which disappointment set in. Hard starts. If I lifted the pen for more than a few moments it would have issues starting up again. Still, I like the look and the feel of the pen so I kept at it. I've now been through one cartridge and the starting problems continued. When the ink is flowing and I keep the pen moving it writes with a steady thick line with no white space. 

After going through the first cartridge I thought about hanging it up but then decided to try a different ink. I syringe filled an empty cartridge with Private Reserve Ebony Blue and put the nib back to the page. I noticed an immediate improvement. The ink did not completely eliminate the hard starts but they are far less frequent.

I've been carrying this pen every day for the last three weeks. The hard starts have not been enough to deter me from the way the pen feels overall. I enjoy writing with it and overall it's positives outweigh the one negative.


Rotring Nib.JPG

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AuthorClinton Robison